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About Us


Hello there! My name is Waleed Alhusayni and I am a hot sauce connoisseur and aficionado.


My story begins with my frustration at never finding a great hot sauce that I can have on a daily basis. I searched far and wide all over the world and found a handful that were either meh or just ok. Of course there are plenty that are stupidly hot (ok great) but just don't have much flavour. As a well-travelled, multi ethnic foodie, I care about my food seriously. Bland food equals bland life.

So I decided to make my own hot sauces at home. I would share them with friends and family and very soon, they would ask for more. That's when I realised that sharing is caring.

First, I started an online shop and the feedback was great. Having repeat customers was a key indicator that my hot sauces were awesome. This encouraged me to set up a little stall at a shopping mall where people tasted the hot sauces I made. Holy smokes the people's reactions were amazing! Everything sold out on the first couple of days that I had to close early and go home to make more hot sauce.  I had no idea that people would love my hot sauces this much.  Finally, I decided to share the love with the rest of the world and became an artisan in the industry.

Today, Ape Hot Sauces are still handmade in small batches for quality control. My recipes are creative yet simple, with a big importance based on flavour. So rest assured your tastebuds are in safe hands!

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